“I am getting a new set of legs done at a new life and Matt and Chris it went above and beyond to get me my new set of feet and legs. I have been a double amputee below the knee for over 34 years as I get older I always wonder am I going to be able to walk am I going to get a good set of legs and Matt and Chris have done a great job and keeping me walking and enjoying doing the things I do in life great prosthetic legs. This last time I went there my legs I had was wore out and I have not walked good in over a year Matt and Chris picked a set of feet out to go with my prosthetic legs and they are the best thing I’ve had in a long time. I’ve not walked this good in over a year where I’ve not felt no pain etc they definitely Rock great job a new life. And thanks Chris and Matt and all the staff for keeping me on the goal still and making me feel good again walking”

― SK