Prostheses come in all shapes and sizes, and they’ve changed a great deal since they were first implemented. Gone are the days of stiff, lifeless limb replacements. Modern prosthetic devices can replicate a wide range of normal movement, and allow you to fully reclaim the ability to interact with your surroundings. When you come to Anew Life Prosthetics and Orthotics, you’ll be amazed at how far technology has come, and just what it can do for you. Our 3d scanning and printing technology will give you the best fitting, most comfortable prosthetic device possible.

The first step when prostheses are involved is careful measuring and fitting. Every circumstance is different, and you need a prosthesis that will fully serve your own needs. When it comes to legs, for example, a different device will be needed depending on the presence of above the knee amputations or below the knee amputations. Leg amputation prostheses must therefore be just right to ensure the best outcome. We’ll perform measurements and test out different styles of prostheses until we find the perfect one.

After the measurements are finished, it’s time for the actual construction of the prosthetic device. Again, the wide range of possible prostheses makes custom construction absolutely necessary, and Anew Life Prosthetics and Orthotics will always fabricate the very best device for you and your needs.

If you should need repair work, adjustment or any other service related to your prosthetic device/prosthesis, let us know.

When Detroit, MI needs prosthetics, we’re the people to see.

New Custom Work:
Part 1 of a custom bilateral below knee socket, made in house by our team here at Anew Life.