Central Fabrication

Anew Life’s Central Fabrication Laboratory

Anew Life Prosthetics and Orthotics has an 1800 square foot well-equipped lab that includes from industry standard blacksmith’s anvil for hand peening copper and steel rivets to digital scanning technology with computer aided design and manufacturing ability. The benefits to onsite fabrication are short build times, controlled quality control and speedy repairs.

We can heat various materials up with infrared oven that can heat to ~500F with material sizes up to 53” x 46”. We have a vacuum forming fixtures for bubble forming, drape forming and carbon fiber lamination for preparatory, test and definitive devices.

We stock a large selection of prosthetic and orthotic componentry for custom fabrication including alteration of Off the Shelf (OTS) devices to meet our customer’s unique needs. Our inventory of componentry allows for quick turnaround times

We can digitally scan anatomy with Spectra Scanner to create three Dimensional Printed (3DP) and computer numerical controlled (CNC) models for highly accurate devices such as prosthetic sockets/prostheses/prosthesis.

Anew Life has well ventilated laminating and grinding rooms. We have designed our own vacuum forming and other manufacturing fixtures to reduce fabrication times. We can use industry standard methods in our plaster room for hand modified positive models, device duplication and maintaining alignment of well-fitting and biomechanically aligned test sockets for that perfect fitting definitive prosthesis. 

Contact Chris at Chris@AnewLifePandO.com for B2B, art or other project collaborations.