Instructional Videos

Intro to our Instructional Video series
Donning and Doffing a knee disarticulation prosthesis using suction suspension
Ply Sock Management
Tips for donning pants and boots
Prosthetic liner and sleeve cleaning tips

Riding a Bike

Intro to Riding a Bike series.
Beginning kike basics for above knee amputee with prosthesis
Learn to ride an e-bike as an above knee amputee with prosthesis
Riding a stationary bike
Safe bike dismount from above knee amputee with prosthesis


How an above-knee amputee exists a kayak


How an above knee amputee walks up and down outdoor stairs

Health Insurance

Health insurance self advocacy for amputees to obtain supporting documentation for prosthesis

Charcot Foot / CROW Walker Charcot Neuroarthropathy