Instructional Videos

Intro to our Instructional Video series
Donning and Doffing a knee disarticulation prosthesis using suction suspension
Ply Sock Management
Tips for donning pants and boots
Prosthetic liner and sleeve cleaning tips

Riding a Bike

Intro to Riding a Bike series.
Beginning kike basics for above knee amputee with prosthesis
Learn to ride an e-bike as an above knee amputee with prosthesis
Riding a stationary bike
Safe bike dismount from above knee amputee with prosthesis


How an above-knee amputee exists a kayak


How an above knee amputee walks up and down outdoor stairs

Health Insurance

Health insurance self advocacy for amputees to obtain supporting documentation for prosthesis

Charcot Foot / CROW Walker Charcot Neuroarthropathy


Cleaning your Liner

Cleaning your hands and your liner should be part of your daily routine.  Prosthetic cleansers formulated to be used on prosthetic liner materials like gel, urethane or silicone.  check your own sensitivity prior to use.  Your own body wash or Dawn dishwashing soap are other options. First turn inside out, rinse off any debris with warm water, then add a drop or two of soap/cleaner, rub gently, and rinse WELL.  You can also wash the outside.  Let air dry.  Usually takes a couple of hours to fully dry. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations. You can also clean weekly, or when the liner smells, with a very small portion of rubbing alcohol or also Febreze.  Use sparingly as it can degrade your liner.